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Rugged PDA - Mobile computer 

What is PDA? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the sector. The word comes from the term Personal Digital Assistant, it is a mobile computer of small size that combines a computer, a telephone, a fax and network connections.

Mobile mobile computers, also known as hand-held computers, have many functions among them, Internet browser, personal organizer, GPS, etc.

At Barcode Site, we have the best brands of portable mobile computers: Zebra mobile computers, Honeywell mobile computers, Unitech mobile computers, Datalogic mobile computers, among others.


Characteristics of PDAs, Why buy a PDA and how to choose the right one?

  • Touch screen, a screen on which all tasks are performed.
  • Memory card, which allows the use of SD cards or a USB port.
  • Wireless and wired connectivity, which allows a USB cable to connect to the computer and serve as power ports for electrical current. And, wireless connectivity, allows through Bluetooth connectivity the possibility of connecting keyboards, headphones and GPS devices, among other things.
  • Synchronization, it offers a synchronization with personal computers, which allows the information it has to be the same as that of our portable mobile computer
  • PDA with barcode reader. With this equipment you will be able to read all kinds of codes either 1D or 2D at the same time as having a screen to see all the information at the moment
  • They have a keyboard and / or handwriting recognition, although some can react to speech via voice identification technologies.
  • These devices can also be used as a Point of Sale mobile computer (POS / POS), so that we can move with them, while continuing to make inventory updates
  • PDA mobile computers help the final customer to prepare orders (picking, validation and dispatch), to make returns to suppliers or transfers, to control stock and inventory and to receive orders.


Give your workers the definitive and key tool to improve their effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. In-store merchandising, inventory management, order picking, receiving and warehousing, parts tracking, quality control, and safety inspections and more, all when you buy a PDA mobile computer.


When to use a PDA mobile computer?

Laptops of this type can be used in the healthcare, retail, warehouse management or manufacturing sectors, making it easy to control them.


PDA hospitality

In addition, they are also very frequent in the hospitality industry (pda hospitality mobile computers). Mobile mobile computers for the hospitality industry are tools with which to place orders, and they are tremendously useful in bars or large restaurants, with many tables and an indoor and terrace area.

When a diner orders food or drinks, the order is sent to the kitchen or to the bar via WiFi and that saves a lot of time for the employees of the premises. This device for your hospitality business will provide you with speed, precision in customer orders, agility with the preparation of dishes and drinks and less waiting time to receive the ticket.


Industrial PDA

On the other hand, an industrial PDA is essential that will help you streamline your productivity. This type of portable mobile computer can be more robust and secure or for larger stores or warehouses. Discover our range of industrial products from the best brands in the sector. The price of the industrial PDA mobile computer will always depend on your need, but Barcode Site always offers the best price along with the best quality, guaranteed! You can take a look at our products or consult a salesperson willing to discuss all your questions and demands.


If you are wondering, where to buy a pda? Barcode Site is your site, or your question is, what to buy? You can see all models of PDA mobile computers on our website. If you have any doubts, contact us, our sales representatives will help you choose the portable PDA mobile computer you need.

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