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Barcode Label Printers

Nowadays, buying a label printer is absolutely necessary for the performance of most stores, factories and even in public administrations.

This self-adhesive label printers are used in many industries and have a wide variety. Also called thermal label printer, it has been created to meet the needs of every business.

Why buy a label printer?

A barcode printer is a printing device that uses direct thermal or thermal transfer technology to print information on labels for product identification purposes, either with barcodes or text.

Depending on the application of the machine, the thermal label printer may have one or more options, e.g. peeler, slitter, rewinder, different memory capacity or suppliers.

Self-adhesive label printers have different and specific software for each type of company, adapting to the needs of each business. At Barcode Site, you can also use any type of label packages, ribbons and even software to complement these sticker printers.

Types of label printers

Desktop label printer: Desktop label printers are easy to use and very compact, making it easy for the user to install, use and support.

This type of printer is perfect for low volume labeling applications, such as transportation, healthcare, retail or office environments. This is due to their small size that make them take up little space.

This type of printing equipment can print both thermal labels and thermal transfer labels, depending on the printer model if you need thermal ribbon, you can also use all types of materials such as polypropylene or textile label.

These barcode label printers are great when you need to print something fast and of quality on the table.

Industrial label printers: The main feature of industrial adhesive label printers is their robustness, they have been designed to have more resistance and to be able to be used in tougher workplaces.

These thermal label printers have a higher label printing capacity, that is, they can print larger volumes in less time and with good quality. In addition, like desktop labelers, they can print all types of labels, both thermal and thermal transfer, including all types of materials.

They can be used in environments such as manufacturing, automotive, transportation and even retail or healthcare.

Within the industrial ones there is also the possibility of printing adhesive labels in color, in this format the manufacturers of color label printers Epson and Vip Color distinguish, where the printing is of a high quality.

Mobile printers: Within the mobile printers we can find normal adhesive label printers or receipt printers (tickets). These printers are perfect in environments where printing is needed in different places and quickly, besides being easy to use and practical, favoring the user's work.

Mobile printers are resilient and versatile, as they are constantly on the move and have been designed to resist shocks and falls. They can be used in sectors such as retail, warehouse management, manufacturing or transportation, although there are also specific models for healthcare.

At Barcode Site we offer a wide variety of models with high printing quality including leading brands such as Zebra, Honeywell, TSC, Citizen, or Brother.


Sectors where to use barcode printers:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Food industry

Buy your label printer at Barcode Site

In Barcode Site we have the largest catalog of adhesive label printers in which you will find the best label printer for your business. A thermal label printer in your office or warehouse will make you forget of outsourcing the production of your consumables, printing whenever you need it quickly and easily. Thanks to the advanced technology of this type of devices you will be able to print with excellent quality and without problems.

If you have doubts about which label printer to buy, contact us, our sales representatives dedicated to the sale of label printers will help you choose the one that best suits your business.

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