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In Barcode Site we are official distributors of Datalogic, we have the direct support of the manufacturer guaranteeing quality, safety and knowledge to be able to sell all Datalogic products online in the best way. In Barcode Site, Datalogic distributors, you can find a large catalogue of Datalogic products that can increase the potential of both workers and the company thanks to Datalogic's data capture and automatic identification solutions.


The Datalogic catalogue includes:

  • Fixed readers for the retail sector.
  • Handheld readers
  • Datalogic PDA Scanners
  • Datalogic Terminals
  • Vision
  • Industrial Scanners
  • RFID Systems
  • OEM Readers


Datalogic readers, the brand's flagship product

The Datalogic catalogue made history with the first barcode reader on the market and the famous "beep" that was easy to read. The first "beep" marked the beginning of the automated data collection industry. From the first scan, barcodes revolutionised the retail industry, quickly adopting barcode technology to increase productivity and streamline inventory management while reducing errors and waste. That's why Datalogic readers are among the most popular.

Being properly connected and in control of all the assets, people and processes in your business at all times is the most important thing in order to have a productive and efficient supply chain, whether it is inventory control in a shop, warehouse management in a factory or in the healthcare sector and patient management. The solutions offered in the Datalogic online catalogue guarantee agility in every operational area.


Sectors where to find Datalogic products:

As a result, solutions have been created to improve the operational efficiency and responsiveness of retail customers, transport and parcel companies, manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers.


The need for data collection also extends even to the healthcare industry, where barcodes are used to update and track patients' electronic medical records (EMRs) and prescriptions. By using a barcode-based system, healthcare facilities can quickly and accurately update EMRs, rather than relying on hard-to-read handwritten doctors' notes for patient safety.

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Healthcare


Barcodesite, official Datalogic online distributors

In Barcode Site we are official distributors of Datalogic, discover all our products and our great catalogue of Datalogic online. In case of doubt about which printer, reader, RFID system, terminal, your company needs, do not hesitate to contact us, our sales representatives will advise you in detail.


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