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Handheld Barcode Scanners

What is a handheld reader?

A handheld barcode reader or a handheld scanner is any barcode scanner that is held in the user's hand during scanning. Also called hand scanner, they consist mainly of a portable barcode reader with an internal handle and a trigger that enables scanning operations.

At Barcode Site we have different brands of handheld scanners: Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Unitech, Custom, Proglove, Metapace, Koamtac, Code and TSL.

Features of handheld scanners

The handheld scanner is the most common of all barcode scanners. They are very useful as they can be used in many sectors (healthcare, industry, etc). And they allow speeding up daily tasks, so they are a great help for productivity.

Types of handheld scanners by specifications and/or type of use:

Corded / manual reader.

Corded or handheld barcode scanners are barcode scanners that only work when connected to a cable. These readers are typically used in retail or warehouse environments where readers are not moved.

Wireless reader

Wireless readers or handheld barcode reader is a barcode reader that works via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so no cables are needed. One of the advantages of using this type of wireless device is that it gives users more freedom and mobility.

2D reader

A 2D or QR (2D) barcode reader allows you to capture more information because it contains more data than a normal 1D barcode.

Healthcare readers

Hospitals are under pressure to avoid errors while providing efficiency, high-quality medical care to all patients, so they need specialized barcode readers. This type of device with white casing is suitable for disinfectants, as it is made of suitable materials, in addition to having the same quality as conventional readers, it also ensures a long service life over many years.

Industrial reader

Ruobust or industrial handheld readers are those that will be used for warehouses in an environment where it is possible that they may be dropped or knocked, these readers are made to withstand all of this. These scanners have been manufactured to guarantee the user superior durability and reliability.

handheld Barcode Riders

Other types of handheld scanners by scanning mode

1D: Linear barcodes

Codes formed on top of a line with parallel bars separated with different mm width between them. The handheld scanner reads the code from left to right, analyzing only one dimension, the width between bars.

2D: Two-dimensional barcodes

The code is read horizontally and vertically. Therefore, we can create a code with a larger number of characters (larger volume of information).


A RFID reader is a device in charge of receiving a radio signal from the tags and sends it to a computer to encode the information.

This type of barcode readers are perfect for use in any type of environment, whether it is a store, warehouse, transportation, manufacturing or healthcare, as they have a first class reading and are easy to handle and resistant, as well as intuitive and easy to use.

Buy your handheld reader at Barcode Site

You can buy a hand scanner at Barcode Site and if you have any questions, contact us, our sales representatives will help you find the ideal hand scanner for your business.

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