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POS Touch Terminals

What is a POS or POS terminal?

The use of easy and fast technology is increasingly demanded by both businesses and customers, in order to streamline the buying-selling process. The definition of a POS system would be the combination of hardware and software that, when used at the same time, allow customers to complete their purchases. That is why today businesses include advanced technology, such as POS Terminals (point of sale terminal), which decrease waiting time, reduce any collection error, create reports and facilitate cancellation or return procedures.

The POS terminal is a device for commercial use, which allows, among other things, to charge a credit or debit card. To be short, it is a card payment terminal. The POS system has revolutionized the payment system, and today, to be competitive in the market, companies must include these methods and technologies in their payment systems, since today the client seeks solutions of this caliber.

Advantages and benefits of the POS terminal

1. Reduce the margin of error → You can change the price of the product, make modifications or updates thanks to the software, without worrying about the errors caused, doing it manually.

2. Stock Control → Show inventory/stock data in real time, many include barcode reading, which eases the transition.

3. Greater effectiveness and efficiency → It has customer follow-up for higher loyalty, all transitions are recorded and it can record which products are in inventory/stock and which need to be replenished.

4. Personnel management → It has a time clock, which allows you to control the arrival time of the employee, robberies and even plan immediate schedules.

5. Simplifies accounting → It can help financial management, because when making a sale, the purchase is sent directly to the accounting system, without having to do it manually.

6. Sales anywhere → Some POS have internet access, and can turn any mobile, computer or tablet into a POS terminal. And since everything is in the cloud, you can go wherever you want your business to go with you.


At Barcode Site we offer you POS terminals from the best brands such as Elo or Posiflex, among others so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, consult us and our sales representatives will advise you immediately.

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    POS System, Touchscreen, Projected Capacitive, 39.6 cm (15.6''), resolution: 1920x1080 pixels, 2.0 GHz, RAM: 2 GB, Flash: 16GB, USB (micro-USB, 5x), Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi (802.11ac), drawer kickout, audio, Micro SD-Slot, customer display (10 inch), integrated receipt printer (80mm), Android (11), incl.: power supply unit, power cable (EU) Learn More

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    Serie: Sunmi D2s PLUS

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