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RFID is defined as a radio signal transcriber, which is capable of transmitting and receiving signals at the same time, with the aim of communicating data to identify a product. As well, RFID tags are incorporated into the product and respond to radio frequency.

Barcode Site works with leading RFID manufacturers to offer you maximum flexibility. We offer from fixed, portable RFID readers to USB.

RFID has several advantages.

  • Take readings up to a distance of 10 meters
  • You can read multiple articles simultaneously
  • Exceptional writing ability to automate activities
  • Does not require lines of sight.
  • RFID tags are capable of storing up to 2 KB of information.
  • You can differentiate a specific label from others that are in its range of "vision"
  • RFID technology reads codes faster.
  • Large data storage
  • Great security
  • All the combination of keywords that you have is made unreadable by other systems such as the EPC.
  • Items are updated in real time.
  • RFID tags typically have a longer durability than traditional barcodes.
  • It is usually protected by plastics or other materials that protect the tags effectively.
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